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New Colourshott Fat Eighths Picks: Metro

Helen from Archie the Wonderdog blogspot used the Metro bundle:



“I was left with the ‘mystery’ bundle which … was revealed to be a ‘neutrals’ bundle.  Not my usual stomping ground but I decided to decline the kind offers to swap (we hadn’t yet seen a photo of this bundle so I had no idea what I was going to get!) and accept the challenge … I’m glad I did”

and so are we.2014-08city walk front

Helen designed a small quilt cum block roll …

“used to keep pieces in the right place while you’re sewing and which rolls up to keep your pieces safe when you’re not using it) as I use them a lot when I’m hand piecing, as well as when I’m machine piecing.  They’re very handy when you’ve got a block with lots of pieces which are the same shape but different colours, as you can carry it to the ironing board, press the seams you’ve just sewn and put the pieces back in the right place.  It helps eliminate that moment when, after piecing the final seam, you hold up your block and realise that you’ve got the star points on backwards or two red pieces next to each other.”

See the full and fascinating tutorial (and photos of Archie!) on

Modern Crosses Quilt Block Tutorial

New free pattern and step-by-step tutorial for the Modern Crosses quilt, as shown at the 2014 Festival of Quilts, is on the Without Pins website. It is shown here in its original Oakshott Air fabric (no longer available) along with a new colour-example made up as a cushion in Ruby Reds.
Design and samples by Heather Hasthorpe; photography and tutorial by Helen Howes; fabrics by Oakshott Fabrics

New Colourshott Fat Eighths Picks: Freesia

Charlotte of Displacement Activity got all poetic about Oakshott, in this case the new fat eighths we are calling Freesia:

As always, photographs just don’t do these fabrics justice – it’s impossible to see how they glow and shimmer unless you get to see them in person. I spent absolutely ages putting them in different orders, pairing them up and generally stroking them and can absolutely and confidently assert that they are at least five gazillion times more gorgeous in real life.


Then, as part of Lily’s Quilts Bloghop, she  turned them into this:



full instructions for making Reflections on this page of  Displacement Activity.

Oakshott in Canada

Susan Fletcher of Alderspring Design in British Columbia, Canada has just taken delivery of  the new Autumn range of Colourshott (thank you FedEx!):
2014-08SusanAlderspringSusan’s speciality is Sashiko. She shares the technique on her blog A Threaded Needle, which is also her retail site for Oakshott fabrics. She is now getting ready to introduce the range to you all at the Creative Stitches exhibitions in Edmonton (12-13 Sep) and Calgary (26-27 Sep).
2014-08Calgary_brochure2014_WEB_Aug-13.pdf 2014-08Edmonton_brochure2014_WEB_Aug11.pdf

New Colourshott Fat Eighths Picks: Derwent

Nicky from Mrs Sew and Sow said:

“Oakshott really are among my favourite fabrics!  I love the colours, the sheen they have, the feel of them and also how they quilt but this pattern makes use of the ability to use both sides of the woven fabric to make mirror blocks.”

She chose the Derwent fat eighths pack COTXF8P02_Colourshott_Derwent_FatEighthsPackand designed a fantastic runner, using the dark blue fabric to create a lattice ‘sashing’, which gave her the name for her design, Trellis:

2014-08Trellis on tableFor full details of the pattern click on this link:


New Colourshott Fat Eighth Picks: Brighton Rock

Oakshott have produced a range of Fat Eighth packs picking out a highlight (or accent) colour, given them an evocative name and priced them very competitively.

Thanks to a competition on Lily’s Quilts we’ve been able to bring you some inspirational designs to get you started.

Number 1: Brighton Rock. Sonia of Fabric and Flowers produced this runner and six coasters (click on this link for instructions)

COTXF8P01_Colourshott_BrightonRock_FatEighthsPack_pack with runner & coasters1

Pallet Inspired Runner

Having given us a sneak preview in July Heather Hasthorpe of Without Pins revealed all at the Festival of Quilts in August.

Of course, at Oakshott we love what she says about the materials she used for her Pallets runner

“I’ve also been playing around with some new cloth samples where there is a different colour on each side so that 6 pieces give you 12 colourways! How about that?”

Heather has now uploaded the pattern for the runner onto her website, which uses four Fat Eighths. Download the PDF pattern and then choose your own colour way:pallets-small