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Family in the Pink

Daddy Wore Pink

That’s the name of this quilt Valerie designed for a guild challenge to use at least three sizes of flying geese.  We love the story behind the inspiration; every memory can be an inspiration one day!

“Oakshott reminds me of the suit fabric my dad wore, and back when it wasn’t popular for men to wear pink daddy did. Mama would buy his clothes to wear to church, and he’d always get compliments.”


Lucky Sisters

What do you do for special birthday when you have six sisters? A quilt of course. Valerie made the following for one of the 50th birthdays and called it Bountiful Bouquet of Blessings:

2014-10Valerie2smallValerie buys her Oakshott from Maria Tamaoka of


Red Pepper’s Bucket List

This blog on Red Pepper Quilts just got our fingers itching to start one of our own – so striking the way it underlines why traditional blocks are so timeless. We are so glad Rita’s ‘creative mood and timing’ coincided!

2014-11Bucket List Quilt 1

Rita’s tutorial is very clear. Clear enough for you to adapt easily to your own quilt size and colourways, though we love the Colourshotts she has chosen (and that she lists them so clearly!)

“Beautiful Oakshott fabrics! It is difficult to capture in a photo just how lovely the weave of these fabrics is. Oakshott Colourshott fabric has a shot weave with a warp and weft of different tones – which creates a beautiful luminous and iridescent hue.”

Really looking forward to seeing what her sister,  Karen Terrens (long arm professional quilter), is going to do next.

If you are inspired to make your own Bucket List quilt then do send us a photo of your creation.

Top of the Quick Makes

Our newsletter readers were invited to vote for their top two favourite New Colourshott Quick Makes packs and the votes came in for Freesia as a clear winner, followed neck and neck by Derwent and Orchid:

Quick Makes Fat 8ths Freesia Mini Pack
Quick Makes Fat 8ths Derwent Mini Pack
Quick Makes Fat 8ths Orchid Mini Pack

Congratulations to Wendy Dorey, Mary Charman and Sheila Musson for winning their favourite packs. P.S. don’t forget to show us all what you made.

Which delicious bundle of eight vibrant colours would you have chosen?Oakshott Colourshott F8 Mini Packs_groupsm

New Autumn Warmth and Inspiration

Sometimes you need a little warm colour, sometimes you need a little helpful inspiration; we know you’ll find both in our FREE New Autumn Fat 8th booklet. It’s available to download from the Instant Colour page, on the Oakshott Fabrics shop website, and here if you click on the booklet cover:


There are six great quilts (and one tote) to think about making and seven great blogs to read for inspiration and instruction. Download and enjoy!

Have a look at the New Autumn collection in the Oakshott Fabrics online shop.


From Birmingham stall to Melbourne prize

What a great story from S-J Makes Quilts:

As a long-time quilt maker, first-time quilt competition entrant, I submitted my beloved quilt in for judging to the Royal Melbourne Show craft competition with much trepidation. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I found out it won first place in its category (machine pieced, machine quilted).

Started out like any other quilt, ended up quite unlike any quilt I’d made before.


Read all about the work behind this modern ‘wonky log cabin’ quilt, all two square metres of it that started as a purchase from the Oakshott stand at the 2012 Festival of Quilts.

Shott Oak

Thank you Lesley for forwarding the picture of your latest challenge:

I thought you might be interested to see what I made from some fabric I bought from you last year.  My Group was set a challenge to produce a piece of work using only 3 colours and 3 shapes.  I  thought it was appropriate to call my piece Shott Oak.  I loved the fact that I was able to get different shading on the leaves when using your fabric and although there were no prize winners I loved the finished article and I hope you do too.


Off Course

Modern Quilt Guild member Judy Murphy upgraded her Janome 7700 to an 8900, invested in a whole roll of wool batting so she would always have some to hand, and sent us photos of her seriously lovely quilt, Off Course. Read all about the process (and gain some handy hints, particularly on binding and on the design process) on her blog,

Front: Off Course
Back: Off Course
Back: Off Course

The New Colourshott fabrics Judy used are, for the background, Vintage Silver (COTX28), Charcoal (COTX29), Black (COTX30) and Amalfi (COTX32); the blues are Banda (COTX16), Timor (COTX17) and Celebes (COTX18); and the pinks/purples are Lilac (COTX19), Sweet Pea (COTX20) and Dusk (COTX21).

Quilting detail
Quilting detail

“The combo of the sheen on the Isocord and the colors of the Oakshotts is nothing short of amazing! Oh, and the weight of these cottons? They are as heavy as any of the other quality quilting cotton I use. It is not thin and it is not ‘see through.’ I cannot wait to make another quilt with Colourshotts”