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A Thank You for 2014

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Christmas Indulgence 6


Anne Williams has got her card all planned out:

For the background of a handmade Christmas card I would use the gorgeous Celebes from the Colourshott range. This shimmering light blue fabric would create a wonderful snowy backdrop, the perfect foil for a festive design.


Wonder if Santa is listening?

My favourite tool, and one I always have close by when either hand or machine sewing, is That Purple Thang, an approximately 6in long plastic ‘purple thang’! One end is flattened into a 1/4in square, which is useful for checking your seam allowance as you stitch and also for holding seams in place as you feed patches through the machine; the other end has a rounded point, which is ideal for pushing, prodding, poking, stuffing… At under £5, perhaps whoever is putting the presents under my tree would like to give me the gift of a never-ending supply…

Christmas Indulgence 5

Rita of Red Pepper Quilts from down under is going traditional with a light twist:

Colourshott 24 Zinnia – fits in with a green/red Christmas theme but will still contrast with: a darker “tree” green, white for snow and red for Santa.


As for her sewing tool, anybody else discovered the pain free world of basting?

I’ve misplaced my Kwik Klip basting tool so I would love to see this under the Christmas tree. I pin baste my quilts and this tool is handy for closing pins effortlessly, no more sore fingers.

Christmas Indulgence 3

Over there amongst the Canadian snows (we assume!) Deborah Kemball has gone for a deep, warm colour:


I would choose the Midnight Blue as a background for a handmade card because the Campion red and Zinnia green I would use for the motifs would shine against this deepest darkest blue.



As for a sewing tool – a needle threader for aging eyes!

Hope you get your wish Deborah.

Christmas Indulgence 2

Our second respondent is Leanne of She Can Quilt who said:

If I were making a card with Oakshotts, I would probably pick either Bizzie Lizzie or Lichen as the background. I tend to like jazzier colours for the holidays.

COTX12_Colourshott_BizzieLizzie_corner_270COTX40 frayed corner

As for a sewing tool, all I really want is more fabric. I always love beautifully crafted scissors or hand made sewing notions too, but the truth is I am well set up.

and who doesn’t share those feelings?

Christmas Indulgence 1

We asked some of our fabulous designers to tell us:

  1. which colour from Oakshott Fabrics they would choose as the background to a handmade Christmas card;
  2. and what sewing tool they would like to find under their Christmas tree.

So here’s the first response from Lynne Goldsworthy of Lily’s Quilts

LynneGoldsworthyFor her background she would use: Colourshott white sand because it’s the perfect background colour – soft and warm – and it lets the other colours shine.”


And we hope that she finds under her Christmas tree, “A rotating cutting mat – something I’ve never treated myself to but perfect for trimming small blocks!”

What’s black and white and…

… full of colour?

Congratulations to the versatile Anne Williams on her new eponymous website. You may well already have read her words on quilting, textiles and crafts given her involvement with The Quilter and … (but why spoil your visit to her site, where you can read so much more?)


Of particular relevance to Oakshott is her blog on the 1718 Patchwork we talked about in September.

Anne is a quilt designer, on top of being an editor and writer, so look out for future blogs on her work.

‘Tis the season for Ruby Reds

Here’s another little present just for you – and for free! We linked up with Sew Mama Sew ( and some talented quilter/bloggers to bring you six wildly different looks all based on a Ruby Reds Fat 8ths pack.

The free patterns for these festive mini quilts will cheer you up all year round so download the PDF booklet now by clicking on this line, then you can decide which one you’ll start with (there might even be just enough time to produce one as a present for somebody!)


Christmas solutions

Do you want to give somebody some Oakshott luxury for Christmas but have no idea what colour, fabric or size they want?

Or perhaps you just want to post them a little light something?

Or maybe you just know how much they will love browsing through all our fabric collections (and picking up a free pattern or two along the way) to tickle their inspiration?

Then we’d like to suggest an Oakshott gift voucher (or two). They come in six different denominations to suit your purse. Go on, solve that tricky gift problem right now by clicking here to buy online