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Jersey Waistcoat

We aren’t surprised that this fine sight has made ripples:


This is Richard, married to Sarah Matlock, who wears this:

“with his rag coat when he joins the Morris Men – he plays the squeeze box for them!  And he makes the melodeons that he plays!!”

Sarah has now been commissioned to make this design in Oakshott Lipari which

“is going to be much more elegant”

Which we can’t wait to judge for ourselves, ‘cos we like the Colourshotts just fine:


Why Jersey in the title? Well they are based at La Robeline Cider and Sausages on that lovely island – looks like a fine life!

The Journey of the Ruby Red Quilt

Once upon a time The Little Red Hen (aka Lynn Harris) fell in love with a pack of Ruby Reds and designed a lovely little quilt:

“The Ruby Oakshott quilt is finished and I thoroughly enjoyed the quilting process on this one. It was a delight to watch the fabrics move past the presser foot. I was mesmerized by the subtle color change of the fabrics as the machine moved them along.”


Then one day Elizabeth Walters spotted the pattern and knew she wanted to make it for her daughter and that the design would need enlarging. She spent a long time seeking advice and drawing up a new pattern:RubyQuilt

She got in touch with Michael at Oakshott to source the Ruby Reds and has started work on the blocks:


We look forward to seeing the finished quilt and are so glad to have been of service:

“You are the most responsive merchant I have every encountered! … it will be interesting to see how it turns out. After talking with 3 quilters who mostly shook their heads and didn’t know how to advise me, I xeroxed 15 copies of the photo and started cutting and pasting. Made the squares 6″ and triangles 3″ instead of 5″ and 2.5″ to decrease the ‘busyness’ and designed it so I would like it for the top of the bed – then just kept adding. I’m sure I will shift colors as I go along but I am loving putting them together.”

More Steps (with Chess!)

Krista Hennebury (poppyprintcreates.blogspot), who shared her photos of an Arctic cruiseworkshop using her Chess on the Steps and Fireweed designs, has sent us some pics of a workshop in Whistler, Canada – pan to shots of mountain peaks disappearing mistily into the distant miles; oops, sorry, back to indoors …

Krista was working with the Whistler Quilter’s Guild in British Columbia and says:

all of my students loved the Colourshotts! Not everyone bought kits, some used their own fabric, but here are some photos for you!

Sabrina contemplates her Fireweed colourway layout
Sabrina contemplates her Fireweed colourway layout
Anita (l) and Ellen display their Midnight Sun colourway quilts

Just what look what a little improv practice can do:

Whistler Quilters Guild-BC
The Whistler Quilter’s Guild in glorious technicolour


Patchwork Pennant

Pop on over to read the story of this Star of Bethlehem block (English paper pieced and using an Oakshott Fat 8th pack) and see more pics from Jo Avery at myBearpaw,


who said:

“The tassel was made to match. It was a lovely project to work on, as always the Oakshott was a joy to work with, and I particularly like the ‘tab’ hanging loops. This could easily be adapted to make a cushion or a square mini quilt.”

Alternatively, buy the November 2015 issue of Popular Patchwork in which it features!

Aruba Competition Comments

COTXAR_ArubaPacks2Thank you to everyone who entered our Aruba Competition (nearly 500 of you; based in the Antipodes, North America and all round Europe and Scandinavia).
les couleurs de cette collection sont toniques et merveilleuse!
We were thrilled with the response and touched by your many wonderful comments. We did wonder how some of you coped while you were waiting to hear:
Fingers and toes are all crossed 🙂
The little packs of sunshine are of course named after the Caribbean island.
A great choice for naming a gorgeous fabric collection after.
Brilliantly named collection – the colours capture sunshine on brightly coloured clothing and sea! Love it!
And you agreed that as we head into our northern winter, we appreciate the vibrant colours of the Caribbean.
these colors are amazing – perfect for winter sewing (bright and sunny always helps during snowy, cold winters here)
Love these shimmering colors.
We’re sorry only three of you could win but delighted to announce that you were:
1st Prize of an Aruba Fat Quarter Pack to Marilyn Hagopian
2nd Prizes of Aruba Fat 8ths Packs to Elaine Armstrong and Denise Davies
If you didn’t win but were inspired by these little packs of sunshine, you can get your hands on our Aruba Fat 8ths and Fat Quarter Packs here.
Thanks for saying lots of:
gorgeous, wonderful, lovely
and we’ve never seen so many exclamation marks!!!Aruba-bolts-crop_web

Sassafras Lane using Ruby Reds

Isn’t this a stunner, so vibrant! Well done to Jennifer Thornberry. She used a pattern called Arcadia Avenue from the  ‘crazy creative Mom-Daughter duo who run on coffee’ and who trade as Sassafras Lane Designs in Colorado – you really need to check them out (but put your sunglasses on first!)

Jennifer’s choice of Oakshott Ruby Reds (two packs) with some blue-greens gives the pattern a whole new look. Here’s the just-finished quilt top:


Thanks to Jacqui Field for this early glimpse of a quilt top in Oakshott as she is waiting for further fabric. Looking forward to seeing the finished item – and learning the name; something to do with paths, or snakes, or … ?