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What’s in a name?

Wow! Elizabeth Green sent this in as a thank you “for prompt dispatch of backing fabrics” [you’re welcome!] with the caveat that it is only the quilt top and a photo on a iPad:

“hand quilting it will change the colours again by adding a slight 3D effect – that will take months to complete, I usually reckon a year from start to finish for a bed quilt.”


We still think it is fantastic and love the backstory:

“The variation in colour is unbelievable. Having got here by accident as it were I have now decided to make this one truly reversible although still keeping to the original idea of hand quilting in the ditch to carry the log cabin design through. “

Elizabeth is still to name it and is mulling through ‘Firestorm’ or ‘Petra’ or ‘Firecrest’ or ‘Redstart’. She is hoping to have completed it in time for her group’s (Romsey Quilters) exhibition in 2017. The title of which is “Mock not ambition” when the entries will be seen in Romsey Abbey, suspended high between the nave arches. Sounds incredible.

We are really looking forward to the next instalment and will wish Elizabeth luck then!

Careful with curves

“I have at last finished this quilt made from your lovely fabrics. I am only sorry I did not get it professionally photoed as it  does not do your Oakshott fabrics justice.”  Caroline Lloyd

2015-04CarolineLloydIt is certainly a lovely result! We had a quick chat with Caroline about how she approached this project and gathered the following pertinent facts:

  • the design is all Caroline’s own and came out of her interest in curved seams and her curiosity about how to work on a large curved scheme;
  • cutting and placing those curves needs careful attention since it is very easy to go wrong;
  • the seams were machined together but the quilting was by hand;
  • it took Caroline three years to finish after purchasing the fabrics because she found she needed whole chunks of day to be able to concentrate on getting the curves right.

Thank you for sharing.